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Wellness Screening

Wellness screening is another crucial service that we offer. Your furry friend needs it because it helps you to know its medical condition at all times. This allows them to live a long and healthy life. Plus, you can share more memorable moments.

We encourage you to come for routine wellness checkups for your pet, even when it has not exhibited any signs of being ill. The thing is, cats and dogs cannot communicate. They can’t let us know when they are hurting or uncomfortable. Without wellness exams, it can be incredibly hard to know when our pets are suffering. They could even die without us knowing what their problem was.

If your pet has a severe medical issue, regular wellness exams will enable you to treat it early enough. This will not only save your pet’s life but also allows you to spend less on medical bills since it could cost less to treat the disease at its early stages.

When should you Visit us for a Wellness Exam?

There’s no specific time when you should bring your cat or dog to us for wellness screening. When or how often you do it depends on various factors, including your pet’s breed, age, medical history, where it has been, and its current behavior. Other factors also come into play when deciding when your cat or dog requires our reliable wellness screening services.

For instance, your cat or dog should always get a wellness checkup after every six to twelve months. You could also ensure that they get the screening when receiving their vaccines and parasite prevention refills. This prevents the hassle of having to revisit our veterinarians.

If you know that your pet is at a high risk of contracting diseases because of their genetic history or age, ensure that you come in for wellness screening more often. Examples of pets in this category include puppies, seniors, and specific breeds of cats and dogs. If you have just acquired your pet and are unsure about its medical history, age, or breed, visit our veterinarians to find out that information and get advice on how you should schedule your pet wellness exams.

Remember that pets are not like us; they age faster. For them, regular wellness exams are like preventative care. They enable us to find conditions that could be potentially life-threatening and do whatever it takes to restore your loving pet’s health. There’s no better way to guarantee a happier life for them.

What Happens During a Wellness Exam?

Our veterinarians are experienced and qualified. Once you come in for your pet’s wellness exam, we’ll do it in three steps.

Take your Pet's History

During wellness screening for your pet, we’ll need to know its history. What is your pet’s diet? How often do you allow your cat or dog to go out to play? Have you noticed any behavior change lately? Your pet’s history helps us to recommend the most effective treatments or lifestyle changes that you can make to improve its health.

We value you, and we strive to ensure that no harm befalls your pet. To ensure that we don’t miss any critical details about your pet’s history, we create a list of important questions to get all the information we need. Of course, we don’t mind enlightening you about a few things regarding your pet. Feel comfortable to ask our veterinarians any questions you might have; we’ll give you the most comprehensible answers! We want you to leave our premises when all your needs and those of your pet are satisfactorily met.

Conducting Full Physical Exams

Doing a full physical exam is the next step of our wellness screening procedure for your buddy. As you already know, your pet can’t wake up one day and tell you that it is in pain. The physical exam is the only way to know when something is wrong with your furry friend. Through it, we can evaluate your pet’s health and confirm that all the cat or dog’s body systems are functioning correctly.

Here are some of the parts that we examine:

  • Fur and skin – Dryness and oiliness, color, bumps, fur loss, dandruff, and abnormal skin thickening
  • Ears – Hair loss, thickening, discharge
  • Eyes – Discharge, redness, lumps on eyelids, cloudiness, excessive tearing, the speed at which the pet closes its eyelids
  • Heart and lungs – Heart rate, heart murmurs, breath sounds
  • Teeth and mouth – Periodontal diseases, salivation, and lip color/staining, broken teeth, ulcers around the pet’s mouth, retained baby teeth, gum color
  • Throat
  • Your pet’s alertness
  • General body weight
  • The pet’s muscle condition
  • Face and nose – Symmetry, discharge, and breathing patterns
  • The tail
  • The abdomen
  • Paws and toenails

Recommendations and Treatment

This is the last step of our wellness exam for your cat or dog. Usually, our veterinarians will explain the findings from the physical exam. If your pal has an issue, we’ll provide viable solutions that you may consider to treat the problem. If everything is okay, we’ll give you a routine care plan that you can use to maintain your pet’s health. In most cases, it comprises the following:

  • Recommendations for your pet’s diet, training, diagnostic testing, dental checkups, or any other issue relating to your dog or cat’s health
  • Best vaccines for your pet (they could be administered on the same day)
  • Potential parasites or diseases that could affect your pet and effective preventive measures
  • When you should come in for the next wellness exam

The Cost of Your Pet’s Wellness Exam

We can’t tell the exact amount of money you’ll spend on your pet’s wellness screening. Even so, we could give you an estimate once you visit us, but it will depend on your pet’s current health.

If your pet is unwell, the amount of money you spend on treatment will be determined by the treatment options you choose. We’ll discuss all of them with you, analyzing their pros and cons, so that you know exactly what to expect. If your budget is tight, you shouldn’t worry about a thing. Our rates are pretty affordable, and we’ll agree on a reasonable charge for both parties.

The main advantage of getting our wellness exam is that you get to keep your cat or dog happy. To guarantee reliable results, we have the best new equipment to perform the screening. Kindly contact us to find out more regarding our wellness screening for pets.

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