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Surgery and Anesthesia

When your pet becomes injured or ill, they might need surgery and anesthesia to recover. During such instances, consider us for a variety of anesthesia and surgical services. We understand that you are worried sick about your pal’s wellbeing, but rest assured that your cat or dog is safe in our hands.
How do you know when you should bring in your cat or dog for surgery? Well, some of the emergencies or situations that could call for surgery include the following.

  • Urethral blockages
  • Intestinal obstruction
  • Formation of benign or cancerous masses in your pet’s body
  • Painful bladder stones
  • Injuries from fighting or accidents
  • Severe bite wounds
  • Dental problems
  • Eye and ear complications

There are plenty of reasons you should trust our anesthesia and surgical services for your cat or dog. For starters, we take all the necessary safety measures to ensure that your furry friend is comfortable and on the road to recovery. Most of them depend on the procedure we have to perform.

Anesthesia or Sedation

Your pet needs anesthesia before surgery, and we’ll do everything in our power to ensure that it’s done properly. Some of the things that we check before this procedure include your cat or dog’s breathing rate, pulse rate, temperature, oxygen levels, and gum color. Depending on the type of surgery we are prepping for, we might also have to monitor your furry friend’s blood pressure or perform an EKG. To confirm that your cat or dog is healthy before administering anesthesia, we have to do some blood work and a few other tests.

While we prepare to sedate your pet, we also create a practical and effective anesthesia protocol. It balances the drugs we give your cat or dog to reduce pain, help it relax, and ensure that the sedation works. This prevents your pet from being overwhelmed by the effects of a particular anesthesia drug. Of course, each medication we use must suit your pet’s needs.


We also take several safety precautions when operating on your lovely furry buddy. To ensure that they have healthy blood pressure throughout the entire process, we use an IV catheter to deliver fluids into their body. Additionally, our professionals keep them warm and look after them until they wake up and are strong enough to leave.

Homecare Instructions for Your Pet After Surgery

Our greatest desire is to see your pet healthy again. That is why we’ll give you easy-to-follow instructions on how to give your pet the best care after it has undergone surgery. We’ll let you know the behavior to expect from your pet and the things that you should steer clear of. With our exclusive tips, nursing your cat or dog will be effortless, and it will be healthy sooner than you even expect.

Our recommended strategies for taking care of your pet post-surgery also include pain control. We know that your cat or dog needs to be maximally comfortable after the operation, which might be difficult if they are in pain. We’ll give you effective pain medications to use for several days and instructions on how to give them to the pet.

Like with all medical procedures, we know surgery and anesthesia for your pet comes with some risks. With our new advanced surgical equipment and skilled pet surgeons, we are ready to deal with all of them and guarantee your furry pal’s safety. Contact our professionals to find out more regarding our surgery and anesthesia services.

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